FOOTBALL is a popular sport for people around the world. Even various levels of society are very fond of the sport of football.

Then what is the true meaning of the game of football? This sport is always synonymous with football. The game of football is played by two teams facing each other.


Each team will be filled with 11 players who are on the field. However, there are also reserve players, where a maximum of seven players are in this position.

For the place where the game takes place, this sport can be played on an indoor or outdoor field. However, in general, this match takes place on an outdoor field.

The essence of this game is to put the ball into the opponent’s goal. The team that has scored the most balls in the opponent’s goal will win.

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The football game will play 90 minutes. However, the game will be divided into two rounds, where each round will run for 45 minutes.

During the alternation of rounds, there will be 15 minutes for the players to take a break. Meanwhile, the game will be led by four referees consisting of one main referee and three reserve referees.

Regarding techniques, there are several soccer games that every player can master. There are also four basic techniques that are played in soccer games.

First is passing. This is the basic technique that must be owned by a football player. The passing technique is passing or giving feedback to a friend.

Next there is shooting. This is a kick taken by a soccer player to create the ball into the opponent’s goal. The technique is best done with instep strength.

However, in scoring goals, the players can use the head, which is called a heading. Then the fourth technique is dribbling, where this is the ability to dribble.

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