The ball schedule tonight or Wednesday (12/5/2021) in the morning is presented with a series of matches from the English League, Italian League and Spanish League.

All LaLiga and Serie A matches can be watched via live streaming beIN Sports, while EPL on Mola TV.

English Premier League The Premier League will host two matches tonight.

At 00.00 a big match will be held Man United vs Leicester at Old Trafford. A few hours later, at 02.15 WIB in the morning, it was Southampton’s turn to duel against Crystal Palace.

Currently Man United is in the runner-up position with a collection of 70 points from 34 matches, 10 points difference from Man City. The Red Devils must go through the remaining 4 games this season with perfect points in order to keep their hopes of embracing the EPL title.

However, it also depends on the results achieved by the leaders of the Man City standings.

If The Citizens were able to bulldoze Newcastle on Saturday (15/5), Man United would have to give up the EPL title to City.

The total 83 points won by Man City will no longer be able to be pursued by the Red Devils. Because, even though they were able to achieve perfect points in the last 4 matches, the total points achieved by Man United only reached 82.

In addition, Paul Pogba and his colleagues’ steps were quite difficult. They have to play a match against 2 big teams in the next week. At 00.00 WIB they will host Leicester at Old Trafford. Then on Friday (14/5) Man United will have a duel with Liverpool in the same place.

Italian Serie A

Crossing to the Italian League, on the same day at 01.45 WIB, a match between Napoli vs Udinese will be presented at the San Paolo Stadium.

Napoli are determined to maintain their position in the Champions League zone. The reason is, Partenopei’s position at number 4 is currently not safe. With a collection of 70 points, Partenopei is only 1 point away from Juventus who are under it.

Therefore, the victory in the match will be a fixed price for the team nicknamed the Partenopei. Ahead of the match, Gennaro Gattuso’s troops should be confident.

They are unbeaten in 6 consecutive Serie A matches, with 4 wins and 2 draws. In addition, Napoli also had a classy record when they met Udinese. In the last 7 home games, Partenopei has always won.

However, Lorenzo Insigne and colleagues should not underestimate the strength of Luca Gotti’s team. Udinese is not impossible to tackle Napoli’s pace. The team nicknamed the Zebrette has a good record against big teams. They were able to draw against Atalanta, Inter and Milan this season.


Turning to Spain, Barcelona are in a bid to defend their hopes of winning the LaLiga title this season.

The 0-0 draw against Atletico last week made the Blaugrana have to struggle again with the remaining 3 matches. They must achieve perfect results in these 3 matches while waiting for the results of other teams, Atletico and Real Madrid.

“Anything can happen, after seeing the course of the league this season,” said Gerard Pique, Barca center-back, reported by Marca. The Blaugrana struggle will start early this morning, at 03.00 WIB. Lionel Messi and his friends will visit Levante’s headquarters. Despite having a myriad of advantages, Ronald Koeman’s team still has to be aware of Levante’s strength. Granotes performance this season is quite slick. In fact, Roger Marti and his friends had crushed Real Madrid and Atletico at the same time.

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FOOTBALL is a popular sport for people around the world. Even various levels of society are very fond of the sport of football.

Then what is the true meaning of the game of football? This sport is always synonymous with football. The game of football is played by two teams facing each other.


Each team will be filled with 11 players who are on the field. However, there are also reserve players, where a maximum of seven players are in this position.

For the place where the game takes place, this sport can be played on an indoor or outdoor field. However, in general, this match takes place on an outdoor field.

The essence of this game is to put the ball into the opponent’s goal. The team that has scored the most balls in the opponent’s goal will win.

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The football game will play 90 minutes. However, the game will be divided into two rounds, where each round will run for 45 minutes.

During the alternation of rounds, there will be 15 minutes for the players to take a break. Meanwhile, the game will be led by four referees consisting of one main referee and three reserve referees.

Regarding techniques, there are several soccer games that every player can master. There are also four basic techniques that are played in soccer games.

First is passing. This is the basic technique that must be owned by a football player. The passing technique is passing or giving feedback to a friend.

Next there is shooting. This is a kick taken by a soccer player to create the ball into the opponent’s goal. The technique is best done with instep strength.

However, in scoring goals, the players can use the head, which is called a heading. Then the fourth technique is dribbling, where this is the ability to dribble.

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